Lucy Stein

Born in 1979, in Oxford, Lucy Stein has grown to be a vivid and atypical picturesque persona, with a style that fully embodies the admixture of styles and aesthetics to which the contemporary artistic scene is subject.

Working between painting, performance, and film, Lucy Stein builds on an engagement with British modernist painting, feminist theory and women’s literature. She describes her painterly language as less a postmodern play with visual codes than an extrapolation of a contemporary female painter’s relationship to painterly traditions. Personal history and art history are given equal significance, and the mimetic relationship between the female artists and the landscape bind ideas together.

Growing its expressiveness throughout the years, Stein’s work shifted towards a more transversal approach to symbolism, and consequently engaged itself to a more playful and unserious setting, in which the artist could allow herself to bring her work to a neurotic stage, constantly saturating colour tones and enhancing her psychiatric and double-edged derivations of the human body and soul.