Margherita Moscardini

Born in Donoratrico in 1981, Margherita Moscardini graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy, and attended the CSAV of the Antonio Ratti Foundation in Como with Yona Friedman.
Recently, she has given lectures and conversations at MAXXI Museum, Rome; Columbia University, New York; SVA and ISCP, New York; Triennale di Milano; NABA, Milan.

Margherita Moscardini investigates the relationships between processes of transformation of natural, urban and social order belonging to specific geographies. Her practice privileges process and long-term projects that generate large-scale interventions, drawings, writings, scale models and video-documents.

Incorporating time and space, landscape and architecture, image and illusion, Margherita Moscardini often focuses on demolition sites and abandoned landscapes in order to reveal undercurrents and beliefs of pictured locations. Moscardini is most interested in the transformation of urban landscapes, working on long-term projects in order to capture the relationship between place and the social reality of living in it. Through her work, Moscardini addresses temporality and its effect on architecture, environment, and further on communities. Attempting to give history time to develop, her works evoke the potential for change and an evolving future.