Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh (born in 1960 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a painter, printmaker, bookmaker, and sculptor. Rooted in meditative geometry, his work explores the boundaries of abstraction through subtly irregular forms, fluctuating lines, and pervasive wit. Walsh studied at the Philadelphia College of Art and later attended Hunter College in New York.

Handmade, his compositions follow the tradition of Ad Reinhardt and Sol LeWitt. However, Walsh's works go beyond the "objective purity" of minimalism to incorporate references to virtual reality as well as computer and television screens, serving as a commentary on contemporary life.

The artist employs a reduced vocabulary of shapes, such as the rhombus or fan brushstroke. The ways in which these forms shift, rotate, and transform are playful and curious. There is an undercurrent of nervous energy, with subtle variations in the grids that make the paintings relatable and human, as if actively questioning how each mark and square will come together. Walsh creates his paintings in layers, allowing transparencies and layers of paint to build upon each other and shapes to develop and evolve.