Benoît Maire

Born in 1968 in Pessac (France), Benoît Maire received his DNSEP degree from the Arson Villa in Nice and a master's degree in Philosophy from Sorbonne, Paris 1. In 2017, Benoît Maire won MÉCA's "1% artistique" prize (a project which was realized by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, in France), with his work Un détail (A Detail), a bronze sculpture representing half of Hermes's head.
In Benoît Maire's work, material is not just physical: it is also theoretical. Art and philosophy are inseparable. Concepts elaborated by Lyotard, Agamben, Bataille, or Lacan flood his works the way physical substances can. While it is the distinction between nature and culture that comes into question, Benoît Maire is also interested in the intrinsic qualities of the objects, which he chooses for their enigmatic power.
Benoît Maire can be described as a visual philosopher, taking inspiration from a range of disciplines including history, history of art, philosophy, psychoanalysis, or even mathematics, geometry and mythology. Using philosophical axioms, historical events and obsolete forms from history of art, the artist developps performances, organises debates and uses objects, paintings, drawings and films to create his own exhibitions. Maire's work is a puzzle in which the enigmatic quality of the objects – whether manufactured by the artist himself or by others – see their uncertain origin matched by their disconcerting juxtaposition.
The unique relationship he weaves between plastic form and philosophy as an extension of conceptual art makes Benoît Maire one of the most important artist of his generation on the European scene. For several years, his research has been focused on the question of measure, by proposing a philosophical allegory as a calculation between mankind and his environment.