The Collection

For two decades, the collector Nicole Saikalis Bay, in collaboration with her husband, has been building a diverse collection of modern and contemporary art.

The works in their collection offers a unique perspective on today’s cultural, social, and political landscapes.The collection represents contemporary times while embracing a sense of continuity with the future through innovative materials, textures, meanings, and media that are likely to shape the artistic practices of the future.

Passionate advocates of the transformative force of art in our ever evolving world, Nicole and Matteo remain resolute in their dedication to socially inspired works and initiatives, which they believe can serve as a medium to foster dialogue and bring about change.

Photo by Mattia Iott.

Nicole Saikalis Bay

Architect, consultant, collector and patron, Nicole Saikalis Bay was born in Beirut. After living and working between Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Paris and London, she now lives in Milan, together with her husband and their two children.

In the late ‘90s, she founded Saikalis Architects, a firm specializing in residential projects. Over the course of her career, Ms. Saikalis Bay has seamlessly integrated her architectural knowledge with a discerning eye for interior design. Her work on residential projects involved not only the structural and aesthetic aspects but also the incorporation of carefully chosen artworks. This sparked her fascination with vintage design and contemporary art, leading her to establish herself as an avid collector. Through her extensive connections with renowned Italian and international art galleries, she has been able to stay abreast of the latest artists, styles, and trends.

In 2019 she founded WeArt Projects, a non-profit cultural organization with a charitable and patronage purpose, raising funds over the years to support artistic, social and educational promotion projects in Milan and internationally.

Ms. Saikalis Bay’s commitment to the art world extends beyond her personal collection. She actively engages as a project manager, consultant, and curator, leveraging her experience and discerning eye to contribute to artistic projects. Her involvement in the art community has earned her recognition, including a membership in the Commissioning Council of the Whitechapel Gallery, London. Additionally, she proudly supported the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Arte 2022, titled “Storia della Notte e Destino delle Comete,” as well as the Lyon Biennale 2022 through her patronage.

WeArt Projects is an incubator for non-profit art and design projects and initiatives that also offers art advisory and curatorial services.

Its mission is to develop ideas, planning and practices for the promotion and dissemination of contemporary art and design and for urban regeneration, with the purpose of patronage for culture and charity for social and educational projects.

In the design of the different projects such as WeArt Experience e Art Takes Over as well as in the art advisory and consulting services for art and design collectors, WeArt Projects’ starting point is always the same. It is the study of artists, both Italian and international, who represent modern art movements and the most contemporary research, or whose works have a meaning in the context of the current social and socio-political. Their work should tell the tale of the present and have a connection to the future in terms of materials, texture, significances, mediums and practices.


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